Thursday, April 12, 2012

::ode to the wubby::

When I was pregnant with Max I was trying really hard to not spend money.  Being cheap was new to me and I failed in two major ways.  I bought him the newest greatest swing out which he never used and I bought him two kind-of-expensive-to-me blankets from Skip Hop.  I thought they were warm and cool looking.  Little did I know that they would become his bestest loves in the world - he calls them Green Wubby and B-Uew (blue) Wubby.  The name Wubby comes from the 80's movie Mr Mom.  The kid in that movie threw his wubby in the fire place once he was ready to let go of it - that will not happen around here.  

Max has an extreme attachment to these blankets.  Blue Wubby is his number one BFF, he would die with out it.  Green Wubby can be spared, but his presence is appreciated.  Max only sucks his thumb when he is holding a Wubby, and always his left thumb.  He becomes very upset if you try to hold his thumb down while he has a Wubby.  Sometimes we do that to him just to mess with him a little.  We call his Wubby's his "kryponite" because he will go from a crazy running fool to a glassy eyes zombie if you throw a blue Wubby and him.  Many pictures have been taken of him with his Wubby's because it is a time you can make him hold still.  He has to hold particular parts of the Blue Wubby.  It used to be rubbing the tags till, to his HORROR, they fell off.  They are still on my fridge for safe keeping.  Once the Blue Wubby got beat up enough that the piping out he rubs that instead.   

The Wubby's have rules.  They can not go to school.  They are to be left in the bed when you wake up.  Sometimes you can bring them in the car on a long trip so Mommy can get some peace.  Cheater Mommy - They get to go to any boring place where I need him to sit still and be quiet, like the Winter Program for Lily.  The Wubby's get washed as rarely as possible so they will not disintegrate.  They are not to be taken outside for any reason.  I will never take them away from him permanently, even though sometimes they make me jealous because he loves them so much.  He can take them to NFL training camp if he wants to.  If he falls down and gets hurt and can't stop crying Lily runs and gets his Wubby's and he sucks his thumb till he has recovered.  



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