Tuesday, July 10, 2018

::Max's Room::

Oh my precious baby stud Max.  He is so soothing to my heart.  I adore him.  BUT THAT KID IS A PIG.  He spends his time within his mind, working on creations, and exploring the colorful landscape within his brain.  Telling him to clean his room is something he is never going to do at top level.  He's got my number.  I tell him to do something and he calmly does it halfway and then peacefully waits to someone else to cause a diversion that gets it me distracted enough that the job I had him on doesn't get full follow up by me. 

Lily had a friend over and she walked in Max's room and looked under his bed for the dog.  She stood up and with all the honesty of a young girl said, "This room is really dirty."  She meant no offense and this is a kid that I adore.  But her saying anything within the house is dirty made me about have a seizure.  Next thing I knew all his furniture was in the hall and I had swept or scrubbed every inch of that room.  I found about 6 billion Legos in every spot available.  May I never see another Lego. 

This post was really supposed to be about Max's room at this point, but I got lost in how cute and dirty he is.  Refocus!

Wall between two small rooms torn down

His room started out life as two rooms that where about 9ft by 12ft.  These rooms interior walls were defined by plastic paneling walls.  Most of Max's room had subfloor that had been painted to look like a football field.  I thought the paint was actually pretty cool, but the room had so many other problems that full gut was the only way to go. 

They had the smallest closets in all the land. 

It had an old chimney in the the middle of the exterior wall that could not be saved for design purposes.  It had to come out.  Trust me - I gave saving it a hard sell but was shot down in all directions. 

Down came the chimney 

It has several awesome things going for it to counter act the negatives.  SUPER tall ceilings and huge bright windows.  The plan called for two closets in here so that if it had to be for two kids it was set.   

When we first moved in I used my old bed (hand made by my father) and an old chemistry counter my dad bought from a remodeling highschool in the mid 70's as Max's main furniture.  I got a wall map from Hobby Lobby and a wall garland from my talented friend.  I liked this set up because it had him staring out the window from his bed.  

But - with the great cleaning event discussed in the beginning of this post I wanted to try something new.  

I turned his bed to the other wall and put it under the wall map.  He has the crazy broken reading lamp that he wants on at all times and he pulled it out of the trash to replace it on his bed.  Yes - that is him all sleeping in snuggled into that big old bed. 
Seriously, look at how cute he is?  Books thrown all around him and Lego creations near by.  I just adore him.  

Similar view as below

I look back at the plans and the old video's of the house and I get so pumped about what we have managed to create.  It't not a big house but it works hard in every space.  This winter I want to move the puppet theater in the second closet out and turn that in to a built in desk for Mr Max.  The ceilings are so tall that there will be a little ready loft on the top level of the closet.  Stay tuned for that!


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  2. Max is absolutely darling!!!! My 12 yo Jack still cuddles on my lap and plays up being mamas boy so much ( despite being a very hard working young man and much to the major disgust of his sassy sister)! Great job with the room too! I can’t keep up with blogs as I’d like but I love knowing you’re still out there friend! I’m thinking about breeding our newest Pygmy/Angora goats for spring kids (useful for human kids at farm camp)... Of course I came here as you’re my pygmy expert! I enjoy every little thing you share here and wish you were closer. Delighted all is going and growing so very well for your beautiful family!



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