Sunday, July 8, 2018

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I made my first batch of  homemade sangria for our family July 4th part.  BIG FAT FUN.  It was so much fun to play bartender.  

There are two random sunflowers that came up with my zinnia patch.  Who could resist their cuteness? 

Auntie Rachel accidentally broke a pot lid in our driveway, leading to Josh vacuuming up glass out of gravel.  There is just something about him vacuuming the driveway that was cracking me up.  

An attempt at a jumping picture.  

We made sure we had our July 4th theme rocking hard in our wardrobe choices.  

I found a new favorite store.  It's a consignment store that speaks to my cheap heart.  I finally got a new couch, which was well overdue.  The old one went straight to the burn pile.  After Quinn claimed a pillow as his own, with tears running down his face because he LOVES that old couch.  His heart is such an interesting place of strong emotions.    
We have a few design projects we are working on that required a Goodwill run.  Lily found this canvas to repaint.  

I have been in love with this bag for years and carry it everywhere.  It's super cute and durable.  When running around with the kids today we happened across a shop that specializes in British goods and they had my bag on display.  My kids freaked out.  You would have thought we spotted a movie star.  They just can't fathom that anyone but me could ever have this handbag.   

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