Sunday, July 1, 2018

::flowers, naps, theater, pigs::

My zinnia patch is starting to bloom.  I adore zinnia, really who would not?   There is a part of my personality that sees the zinnias in this little patch and feels critical for not planting them in more places.  We still have way too much blank space around the house.  My landscape dreams for this year have not been what I was dreaming of.  Of course my expectation is to surround the house in lush half edible/flower beds, but I have the next 40 years to get it just right.  At least I hope so.  

This dog is such an asshole and a snuggle bug at the same time.  She keeps chewing the corners of the trim, which may result in her death.  But then she snuggles in for nap time and I decide not to take her to the pound.  

Listen - I need you to understand that Josh is 44 now.  The man is getting a little silver in his beard.  But holy hotness, look at him carrying out two 50lb bags of chicken feed.  No, thanks we don't need a cart.  My hot husband will just carrying them out.  He is seriously everything that is attractive about a man.  I respect that everyone who is attracted to men has different things that they find attractive, but I've got a double take in my heart for tall strong men.  Beards are bonus points.  

Lily had her theater summer camp.  Of course she made her candy bag rainbow.  She has loved rainbows her whole life, good thing it suits her teenage years so well.  

Lily killed it as Miss Hannigen in Annie.  The little boys say she acts like Miss Hannigen whenever they are home alone with her.  There may be some truth in that.    

These fat pigs are living their best lives.  I think they have the cutest little faces.  

The deck continues to move along.  Next week we pick up our hot tub.  I've got some ideas for decor and furniture.  

Two more little ducks hatched from our second bath of babies.  They are so cute!  Maybe not in the picture because they are still wet from hatching.  Once they fluff up they are adorable to the highest degrees.  

This is summer breakfast to the max.  Crazy hair.  Relaxing with screens.  Straight chilling.  

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