Friday, July 13, 2018

::dead civic, cats, summer PE, underbed chilling, orphan ducks::

Emma's SUPER old civic Pat died on the side of the highway the other day.  Josh and I got the trailer out and went and got her.  

Let me tell you that Broccoli the barn cat is always living her best life.  She knows how to straight chill.  She catches mice and hangs out by the back door because I feed her pieces of hotdogs all the time.  

Sometimes I think that Josh has magical powers.  He can fix anything.  He picks up the Civic, orders $85 of parts and gets the old girl back on the road.  

Lily took PE online over the summer.  For real - online PE.  It was as easy as it could possibly be.  She has to go take her final at an area highschool.  The entire point of this was to open up her schedule so she can take more theater electives.  

Q decided that in his effort to relax as well as possible he would climb under Lily's bed and play the Switch on her trundle bed.  

Our Mama duck may have died but we were able to hatch 5 of her little orphans.  They are so cute and are thriving.  

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