Friday, August 3, 2018

::family vacation to Asheville::

We rounded up the crew and headed out for a big family vacation, first we had to drop off this rotten little dog at dog camp.  She was less than pleased.  

Lily played many songs on the way there and even learned some new ones.  Mr Q tried hard to pick up some cords.  

As usually we had to make a stop at the closeest area Bass Pro Shop.  

Lily got the bum end of the deal and ended up on a mattress in the living room.  

Always love hanging out with Sheila and Jay, my inlaws.  

Neither boy is looking at the camera, but this is still a win.  

Family camera selfie.  

Tour of the Biltmore was awesome.  The indoor pool was amazing.  

The gardens were so fun.  

Look at that little Lily, taller than her mom and Aunties.  

I found the book I should have written.  

And Josh got a handmade axe that has started a new landslide of axe collecting.  What can I say?  The man has some weird hobbies.  

Please note that my boys are flashing hand signs.  What is wrong with them?  So cute.  

Here we are on top of Chimney Rock.  See the lake in the background?  That is were they filmed Dirty Dancing!  We did not try "the lift".  

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