Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Auntie Rachel knows how to party.  We have a tradition of going fishing at their new house every Sunday night.  This is how she shows up to great us - beers and bug spray.  

We even had our matching fishing hats on.  

Poor Lisa bit the dust.  220K miles was a good long life.  She was a good old van and we had some good times together.  She decided to die why driving home from fishing on a quiet country road.  She was trucking along and her wheels locked up and that was it.  You can see how far she slid.  I swear I drive like an old woman, but it kinda looks like I Dukes of Hazard jumped something.  I am very thankful that we were alone and not on the highway.  The whole thing could have ended badly.    

Josh and I carpooled to work together for two days and it was actually kinda wonderful.  I hope we keep it up because it's like a date.  We looked at 15 different vans but found a perfect gently used one near us.  When I pulled in the dealership to see it, they had it set up like this.  They even stayed after closing to show it to us.  I loved the dealership we used and that is something I have never said about a dealership before.  The new van is named Merryweather and she is cute as can be.  

I've been on a weight loss journey.  I haven'e talked about it much on the blog because it felt really personal.  It is medically managed weight loss run by a Bariatric Center near me.  There is doctors appointments every two weeks, with group therapy, and meetings with dietary.  It's been lots of work and involved about four weeks of an almost only liquid diet.  It's really working.  I've lot 30 pounds.  I feel amazing.  And I'm proud that all the work is paying off.  I'm about to be the skinniest I have been in my adult life and I can't wait to celebrate, but not with a cake.  This picture is a cobb salad that I'be been making myself at work, beats the hell out of my old chips and chicken fingers.  I've learned so much about my food addiction and how I used it to calm and soothe myself.  I've learned that I can be hungry and not die.  It's been great growth and Josh has been so supportive.  

My female duck finally found a spot that she has set her nest and is sitting on her eggs.  She kept setting nest and abandoning them.  I have 6 of her abandoned eggs in my incubator right now.  Due to hatch next week if all goes well.  She decided to find a well protected spot at the end of our neighbors barn and set up shop.  Luckily he is a good sport and farms 1000+ acres and only has the barn next to us, he doesn't even live there.  I called him to secure squatting rights for her and he agreed.  She should have about two weeks or so till they hatch.  I have forbidden the kids to bother her.  I bugged her just enough to get a video of her protection hisses.    

You can't even see her if you stand back.  

Here I am face timing with the boys because they were fighting and I had to make them touch noses to declare their love for each other.  Summer is going so well.  Lily watches them for a few hours till the sitter shows up to take them swimming and exhaust them.  Yes, they are sitting on my island.  You just have to pick your battles when your boys are feral.  

Lily and I managed to sneak out together and spend some time alone.  I took her to my favorite sushi place.  She loves sushi, but gets to go so rarely.  I first fed her sushi at 14 months and she loved it from day one.  I loved getting to have some time just to two of us.  She's such an amazing kid.    

I was so in love with the clean simple newness of the house that I really held off on decorating.  I was broke after the renovation and out of ideas.  I just wanted to settle in and let it come to me.  I'm starting to feel the urge to add things again and bought this shelf for the kitchen today.  I used some of my favorite gifts to decorate it.  I have so much fun with this little cottage.  

One of the things that HAS to be fixed is this damn couch of mine.  It needs to go in the burn pile.  Till then these two buddies are watching the cubs games together.  

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