Friday, June 1, 2018

::summer is starting::

 Today was the kids last day of school.  What a wonderful year it has been.  Quinn was in Kindergarten and did shockingly well.  We had all kind of predictions about the time he might spend in the principles office.  He has a determined heart and sometimes he is determined that what he is going to do isn't the best move.   That kid got in ZERO trouble this year.  He toed the line like a perfect soldier.  I was really impressed with him.  He learned a ton.   His final testing scores had in in over the 90th percentile in reading and math.   It could not have gone better.  

Max had an awesome year.  He was in advanced placement classes and loved all the stem based learning.  He spent lots of time making Lego's with 40 moving parts and as complex as possible.  He has loved having his own room and finally sleeps well.  

Lily had an amazing year.   I focused on it in a previous post.  

First Day 
Last day with one mad Quinn

First Day for Lily 
Lily last day of school 

The boys and I just finished Charlotte's Web and started reading a really old copy of Wind in the Willows.  I'm loving it.  It's such a pretty old book with thick pages and watercolor pictures.  I've got my bee book on my table too for when I can squeeze in some time.  I've been talking about starting with bees for years, but it's got to happen next year. 

The baby animal situation has exploded around her in the last week or so.  We have three brand new silkie babies that our hen just hatched.  We had two baby ducks hatch out in our incubator.  They are so sweet I can hardly take it.  I have Max hunting our farm over for duck eggs right now, he's been offered a dollar per egg because I want to hatch some more ducklings.  

Josh's bother Jake and his wife Rachel just bought a property near us and they have a pool!!!!  We have been swimming like crazy and are SO happy to have them living so near by.  They have a fishing pond too and we have made Sunday night fishing a tradition.  

I made a new design for my Etsy shop.  Mary Poppins ears to compliment the Mary Poppins dress I got in Disney.   

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