Tuesday, June 5, 2018

::farm animal update::

This creature remains the single kindest animal I have ever owned.  We have done some serious planting this year and are happy that everything is coming in, but it's not time to bring him home yet.  He is down the road at my brother inlaws house about 3.5 miles away.  He has no purpose but to make me happy.  Technically, I could say that he is a livestock guardian animal, but he's never had the opportunity to prove that.   

I hand sheered him this year since he got sun burnt last year when we clipped him to his skin with electric clipper.  He looks rough, but has good bug and sun protection.  He also gave me lots of kisses.  It was a ridiculous amount of work, and I would sure hate to do this for more than one sheep.  Every year I swear I am going to clean his wool and send it to be spun into yarn.  Eventually, I would like to take up spinning as a winter hobby.  That will come.   

Oh Gus Gus.  My best boy.  He has the most loving calm heart.  I adore him and he is so good.  But if you turn your back for one second he will very slowly run away.  He can not ever be left out.  This dog brings mental stability to my heart.  He smiles and me and I just want to sing.  I adore him.   

Rosie is just turning one year.  She still has a decent amount of puppy silliness in her heart.  Gus is so happy to have a wrestle buddy and they adore each other.  I am learning that not all giant breed dogs are built the same.  She gets over heated WAY faster than Gus.  I keep a close watch on her. 

This silly little house dog has been the perfect little snuggle bug addition to our family.  We needed an indoor dog and this little lady is the one.  I groom her myself and I actually really enjoy it.  She is not he brightest, but she is so sweet. 

Guinea Pigs
Two male pigs, named Abner and Maui.  They are so laid back and sweet.  My kids play with these little nut jars.  I'm sure they wish they were ignored more, but they tolerate the love we give them.  

This fat cat has really grown on my heart.  She's always around and begs at the back door for snacks all day long.  She adores Poppy and they play with each other almost constantly. 

Two feral barn cats - Patricia and Voldermort
These two are completely feral, but they adore each other.  And they do a good job keeping mice away.  I have no pictures of them because they are no joke feral.   

5 mature laying hens
The Mama's as I call them are such good girls.  I have them in a small chicken tractor and they graze all around the yard making the world a more beautiful place.  I first started them in the tractor to help clear some beds around they house and for their manure to add nutrients to the soil.  Right now I am moving them around our farm and letting them eat lots of bugs.  Their favorite treat is cat food and I throw them some every day.  Having them in a small mobile chicken tractor has made them happy and controlled their destructive nature. 
Look at the blue eggs I get from the Americana hens!  

See Rosie in the background?
1 Silky rooster
This may be the least intelligent animal I have ever owned.  He is very kind but he will stand right next to a perch and let Poppy tackle him.  He just cant figure out that high ground is a good idea when under threat.  He annoys Josh to no end.  Poor guy. 

1 Silky hen
This pretty little girl has found her way into my heart.  She has three gorgeous little babies that she just hatched out.  Be my previous posts for some video of them learning about chicken life. 

Not all pictured.  

Juvenile hens: 4 Black Australop, 2 Barred Rock, 2 Isa Reds, 4 possible Marans (some signage at the feed store is making me second guess that they are what the feed store said), and 4 light Brahma (my favorite)
These babies have grown so strong.  I'm pretty excited to see what they end up like.  This should be way more chickens than I need, but I figure a few will be roosters and join all the rooster of my past in rooster heaven. 

The adult ducks
Right now we have a breeding pair that are very fun.  A nice adult drake and a adult female.  They are gorgeous and I love letting them graze around the world, wild and free.  I just find them to be so cute with their little waddling.  The female leaves me nest of eggs that we have been trying to hatch in our incubator or giving away to people with broody hens.   

The baby ducks
We have two baby ducks we hatched out from our mama's eggs.  They are so sweet and fun.  I love playing with them and watching them swim.  It's amazing to be how quickly they jump right into water.  They really are born knowing exactly what to do.  

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