Sunday, June 17, 2018

::dirt pudding, fathers day, duck nest::

I love summer, but it's stupid hot here this last 48 hours.  I want to always live here in central Indiana.  Four true seasons every year makes me happy and feels right to me.  But the pits of hell days of summer are rough for my spirit.  I need sunlight and dirt under my nails to keep my mental equilibrium.  I know I should just wake up early and garden in the coolness of early morning, but sleep is the coolest.   

I made the terrible mistake of actually looking under my couch.  Bad move on that for sure.  At least I know where all the socks have gone. 

I did manage to talk Josh into going on a duck finding expedition.  Our female duck has been hardly seen for the last 7+ days and I had a feeling she had found a perfect nest somewhere.  Unfortunately she decided to make it happen in the tall grass by my farmer neighbors barn.  He doesn't live there, it's just a big barn for farm equipment.  I text him right away and let him know she was there and that I would move her if he wanted me to, but I was hoping she could just hatch out her next there.  He didn't respond so I will take that as a thumbs up.  

She was up for water one evening and I got a quick picture of her nest.  She has NINE eggs that I could see!!!  I also have 7 eggs in my incubator that are due to hatch at the end of the month!  I know I shouldn't count my eggs before they hatch, but seriously... Even if half hatch that is WAY too many ducks.  I might be giving some away.  

We had a little celebration and I decided to make my very first dirt pudding.  It couldn't be any easier and it was a super fun thing to take to a pitch in.  It was a swimming party and my kids swam for about 7 hours with almost no breaks.  They are the biggest water babies in the world.  

Today is Fathers Day and we drove to Josh's work with all the kids to take him to lunch.  We went to Mexican and Quinn ate enough chips and dip for six people.  It was wonderful to have some time with our Emma who was home from an intership.  

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