Saturday, June 9, 2018

::life in the summer::

The kids have a very few hours a week that they are home alone.  Quinn likes to spend his time Face-Timing me on my way to work and showing me his awesome new tank top.  Or he watching fishing shows.  It's seriously just a short amount of time but the entire thing cracks me up.  

We got to go on a grownups only day with Josh's brother Jake and his wife Rachel.  Man, do I love those two people.  

Since they are joining us in country life they needed help picking out a tractor, chainsaw, and trimmer.  We ate lunch at the legendary Lemon Drop.  It is the classic dinner in Anderson that was totally packed and could not be any cuter than it is.  

We had fun playing with our two baby ducklings.  They are just adorable and Quinn could not stop hugging them.  Yes, I let him wade in the duck water.  I'd like to see anyone be able to stop him.  He is serious about water.  

Lily and Max were gone most of this week visiting my sister.  It made my heartache.  I couldn't breath with out them.  When they came home I was going to video them coming home but I couldn't stop crying and had to go hug them.  Look at their adorable little faces.  

Target shooting at duck, no chickens where harmed.  Angle makes them look close but they were not.  

I'm so in love with this summer.  I've given up social media for the summer.  I miss seeing updated on my friends and family, but I'm glad for the break.  I'm not making many new ear designs for my shop right now, I'm having too much fun outside.   I'll come back to ears again once the weather sucks, but how can I sew when the soil needs me to dig in it.  

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