Saturday, January 31, 2015

::how to train your dragon birthday party::

First - let me thank my Emma for taking all the pictures and my Josh for not grinding up Xanax and drugging me.  I get so nervous before a party and it kind of blows his mind.  

The treat table came together perfectly.  
Emma had the great idea of cutting out an animal hide from the extra brown fur left from the hiccup costume.
Josh threw in the two deer hides he had made last season to help set the stage.  
Josh also has access to a large format printer and printed out the two dragons on the backdrop.  

My usual cake lady made the amazing cake again.  She is so talented and her pricing is really reasonable.  
The treat table has dragon poop (more on this latter), dragon teeth (Hershey kisses), dragon claws (bugles), and dragon eggs (grapes).  We also had gold fish crackers and Swedish fish to feed the dragons.    

Dragon poop was a big hit.
You melt a whole bag of green candy melt then toss in marshmallows.
I used two forks to get out about eight marshmallows at a time and put them in little piles.
Then I covered them with green sprinkles.
(This idea is 100% off my pintrest board, it is not my idea at all.  I totally copied it from here.)

Our local donut shop has decorated donut holes that I try to get the kids for every holiday.   Those puppies were gone in minutes!

Sheep pops looked really cute. 

These were so easy to make!
Brown M&M's cut in half for ears.  
The cake decorating aisle has the sheep eyes.
Then I just melted some chocolate for the sheep heads.  

Dragon eggs.  

Emma's idea!
She is so clever.

Josh's deer hides.

Some inexpensive dragons stood guard.  

Oh the cake...

Usually when I dream up a cake I want to combine pieces of several other cakes.
On this one I gave my cake lady one picture and told her it was exactly what I wanted.  
Link here for cake design credit.
Link here to be sent to my cake ladies page.  

When the little ones arrived the picked a Viking hat and decorated their own viking shields (12 cake rounds with duct table arm hooks)

This book is book one in the Dragon series.  
Each party guest got one as a take home present.
We will donate our extras to the free the library in our town. 

Please remember I can't sew.  
Judge me lightly.  
I made the boys costumes with hot glue.  

Oh this Max...
I tear up, he melts me.  

The kids made catapults from spoons and corks and had a blast shooting them.  

And Mr Max loved it all.  

Link here for pintrest board with ideas.  

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