Friday, January 9, 2015

::barn quilt::

Oh do I love this new project!
A barn quilt.
 It all started out with some serious computer play time and some pintrest research.

 This was my original plan, but I knew it was going to be modified once it was actually painted.

I had a 4ft by 4ft piece of cabinet grade plywood that my father gave me from his stock pile of wood.

I primed four coats on all surfaces and drew my grid in pencil.  

The sample sizes of paint from Lowes worked perfectly for this project. 

I used a whole roll of painters tape to mark out my shapes one color at a time.  

This was my first point when I thought I was done, but the white didn't look right to me.  

 More orange saved the day.  

An oddly warm January day gave us time to seal it and hang it.  
Trim and sealing done by Josh.  

I climbed up there too!  Scared me to death.  But Josh did all the real work.  

I just couldn't love it more.  

It has been awhile since I really had the time or drive to make an awesome project and I am so happy with this one. 

The goats like it too.  

When they are not in a head lock.  

I feel so thankful for this Joshy that spends his days off doing crazy things like hanging up a barn quilt. 

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  1. I need one! Adding it to my list of projects, thanks!



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