Sunday, January 4, 2015

::christmas 2014::

We drug the crew plus cousin Caleb out to Christmas at the zoo.  
It was in celebration of Caleb's adoption day, or Gotcha Day as we call it.  

Cookie decorating was over iced by one and all.  

Quinny had to tell Unkle Jake and Daddy all about it.  

Then off to pet sharks while Josh had to hold Q back from jumping in.  

We made Grinch fruit kabobs to take to Josh's parents. 

This was my first stocking in at least ten years.  
Of course I picked it all out, so I loved it.  
See that pH meter?  I am going to use the tar out of that.  

Miss Emma got some pretty good stuff.
This phone case was a big hit.  
Then some flowered Doc Martens and a vintage coach bag. 
She has the coolest eclectic taste. 

Max had to endour some over smashing. 

He is so cute to watch open presents.  
He loves everything.  
His favorite presents where a used DS, helicopter, and NERF guns. 

We always do Christmas morning at our house then off the Josh's parents for the afternoon.  

Q got a sword that he demands be in his waist band at all times.  

Lily is is love with these crazy Shopkins.  She got a Kindle Fire from us and it attached to it.  
From Santa each kid got some books, a Lego set, a game, and something they wanted.  
Then they each get a gift from Josh/me and from each sibling.  
This is a total of 8 gifts at home.  

Right before we left our house Q took a Lego and made him swim in the banana bread.  We saved Lego Gandolf and fed the rest to the dogs. 

Emma got a Jammy Pack (fanny pack with speakers) and her life was filled. 

She still had to hug all the shapies I gave the girls. 

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