Friday, January 2, 2015

::2014 in review::

 January was a crazy time last year.  We got snowed in - as in unable to escape - for four days.  Thankfully I had recently been to the store and we did not loose power.  
I am so glad to see Bruno in this header.  He died in summer of 2014, and we miss his handsome face and hard work. 

 The boys had a big pirate birthday party in early Feb.  Quinny turned two and Max turned 6.

Emma turned 16 at the end of March.  She is turning into a trustworthy and kind adult. 
We got a rainbow of baby chicks that the kids had too much fun playing with.  
 Lily was in the play "Little Mermaid" as an eel.
We started a great tradition of Funday Sunday, which has become something I really look forward to.  My Sunday time with the short kids.  

In May Josh and I went to Disney for a long weekend just the two of us.  
We got two new kittens since our ancient barn cat had to be put down.  These two new barn cats have an endless amount of tolerance.
We survived our first adult sheep sheering year.  The amount of wool was insane.  
The kids finished up school.  Max - kindergarten.  Lily - 4th grade.  Emma - sophomore. 
 We rented a cabin with the entire Schaefer family and had a little vacation.
The kids showed at fair again, with great success.

 We had a really pretty August here in central Indiana.  
It was a great garden year.  
Lily and Beak carefully hatched out two new home bred chicks.
Max started first grade, Lily is in 5th, and Emma is a Junior.   
I started my first year of grad school. 

 Lily had a large art party for her 11th birthday. 
 Josh got to hunt more than he usually does, which had put several deer in my freezer.  
We got a new farm dog.  His name is Augustus Walter, and I adore him.  He is already around 45 pounds right now, and should mature to about 150.   

 We got to see both my siblings and their families for Thanksgiving.
I finished out my first semester of grad school.

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  1. It's wonderful how your headers capture so much of the big events. Wish I were that energetic, it would save me my 5,000 pic catch up at year's end. Sounds like you continue to juggle school, work, and parenting creatively with ease!? <3 I'm eager to hear how Augustus works! I've contemplated a livestock guardian dog but we recently went the other direction and got another small Beagle. Must admit that this one is more like a tough/evil Jack Russell tho! ;-)
    Wishing you and your adorable family a peaceful n prosperous 2015!



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