Sunday, January 11, 2015

::around the funny farm::

Emma made a lovely new sign for our post some time ago and I finally remembered to ask Josh to hang it.  Notice the little bit of blue on the edges?  So pretty.  

This is one of my favorite little personal touches about our farm.  

Max keeps sitting in containers to watch the iPad.  Such a nut.  

 We brought Gus Gus in for a bath.  It was cold outside so we had to blow dry him.  
Then Max and Quinn covered him with blankets, made him a pillow, gave his goldfish, and found him a Youtube station called "Relaxing Music for Dogs".  


 Lily is obsessed right now with making melted crayons.  
She talked Max into helping her.  She is making some pretty cool looking stuff. 

Josh got a free frame for this Go Cart and found a cheap engine to put in it.  
The kids drove it the first day till it ran through two tanks of gas.

All of them love it.  It scares me to death, but they love it.  I see some serious helmets in their future. 

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