Thursday, August 8, 2013

::road trip::

We just got home from our very first road trip.
It was my Mother, Lily, Max, and myself.
Josh and Q flew out and met us in Colorado.
Our goal was to stop at all the ridiculous places we were curious about on our way.

Our first stop was at the World's Largest Wind Chime.

Laugh - but it was awesome.

The same town had the World's Largest Golf Tee - so we checked that out too.

Then we drove on and got the chance to go up in Arch.

The kids loved it so much that they couldn't even pose for a picture at the top.
We had dinner at a fun local place in Kansas City, then drove till we found a hotel to pass out at.

The next day we had to make a pit stop in Abilene, KS

Home to the oldest carousel in the country.
$2 each bought us a ride. 

The attached pioneer village was adorable and we really enjoyed exploring it.

Latter that night we picked up Josh and Q at the Denver Airport and drove up to Fort Collins to spend a night at my sisters house.

Then it was off to the meat and potatoes of the trip -
LaGarita Ranch in Creede, CO.
We were meeting up with our Arizona family for a reunion.

See the ranch horses off in the background?

Quinny fell in the pond within about 20 mins.

Josh proud of his climb.  He and Max made it to the very tip of that ridge behind him.  

One evening the whole crew ended up at our little cabin.
Look at all those glorious shoes.

On my night to help cook I made oven smores for desert.

Quinny loved that idea. 

We had some fun playing in the Rio Grande.
Josh threw a rock in next to Lily and gave her a surprise.

Quinny liked the no seat belt rule on the two mile driveway.

Daddy and Max built a raft to let sail on the ranch creek.

While waiting for the rafts launch Lily had to dunk her head in the water.

The ranch had hundreds of humming birds that were everywhere.

We found the storage in the cabin to be just perfect. 

A second boat launch was in order.
Maxs knows it made it all the way to the ocean. 

My cousin Erin took this wonderful picture with the horse I fell in love with.
I always was a sucker for a grey.
We dropped Josh off at the airport and we headed to our next big stop...

My poor little mother made it all the way around the strenuous trail!
I was impressed.

I loved Mt Rushmore!
It was such a cool thing to see.
But Sir Q lost his mind.  
He walked that whole trail by himself and then had a total nervous breakdown.
I tried to carry him out but he started trying to punch and pinch me.
I put him down and felt so frustrated.
Then a stranger who was in the area for bike week walked over and tried to pick him up.
If you know Q you know he has severe stranger danger.  
He took one look at her and ran behind me to hide.
He managed to walk out holding my hand like a normal human till we were almost to the car.  
Then he lost it again...
But that lady bought me some time and I want to send her a cyber fist bump.

My mother has always wanted to see Crazy Horse.
We headed over to check it out.
Q and I napped in the car while the rest of the posse looked around.

 Miss Lily got a dream catcher to bring home with her.
Major cuteness. 

We had to stop in at Wall Drug on our way home.
That place was a total blast.
I love a good tourist trap.

Max had been on watch for an "American Bison" and he was glad to finally see one.  

After many more hours in the car we stopped for dinner and stumbled across this crazy little park.
It has all sorts of vintage playground equipment.  
Those kids got some serious sillies out.
Then we drove till we couldn't see straight any more. 

The kids were starting to get snippy with each other so we pulled over for a stop.
We ended up at the birth town of President Herbert Hoover.
Such a random stop, but so pretty.  
Q could only manage to keep one shoe on.

Here are the monkeys a few hours from home.
They were worn out but happy.
Me too. 

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