Friday, August 30, 2013

::orchard progress::

 We finally got the rest of this years orchard trees in the ground.
Two new apple, a plum, and a peach.
That makes a total of two apple, two plum, and three peach.
Since they are all babies we load water on the tractor and take drinks out to them every few days. 

The foreman approved all work done.  

Boys were in charge of the tractor.  

See the little babies?  
They may not look like much yet but they will.
The pine trees on the right are getting cut down to make more room.  
I hope that next year we can add two more apples, two pears, and two of something fun.
See the road?  That fence line is begging to be the future raspberry patch.  This is one of our last places of full sun on the front part of our property that doesn't have a garden in it already. 

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