Wednesday, August 28, 2013

::a start of a goal::

 I am a few steps closer to having my egg basket look like this...

Look what we got?
 My friend from work placed a mail order for baby chicks and I was able to add a few from my wish list.  

The black one is a Cockoo Maran.  They lay chocolate brown eggs.
The little grey one is a Blue Silkie.  They bring fluffy into the world.  

This is what an adult Blue Silkie looks like.

And this is an adult cuckoo maran.  

Our last little guy is an Easter Egger.  They are a mix of other breeds and generally lay blue to pink eggs.  I am hoping for blue.  

 This is an adult Easter Egger. 

 My best friends puppy came over to be socialized since she is about to give in to some backyard chickens of her own. 

Link to my pintrest for original images that are not mine. 

Eventually I still need to add two Olive Eggers and two Ameracanas.

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