Sunday, August 11, 2013

::fair plan 2014::

Fair rocked it out this year.  But now we have to figure out a game plan for next season.  As usual Josh was correct about doing too many projects.  We made an agreement that we would tell him what we signed up for next year and he had the right to veto anything that was too far over the top.  (maybe)

We came up with a rule this year that you get to show no more than four total animals per year.  Loop hole - a pair of ducks equals one animal.

Emma wants to show her champion Pygmy wether, Bo.  We traded our old buck for a baby doe to be born this fall and she will show that too.  Then she wants to step it up this year and buy a Nubian doe.  We talked about goals this year and she said her goal was to win Supreme Champion doe or wether.  That is when the top pygmy, meat, and dairy goat come together to compete for best goat at fair.  Pygmy goats do not usually win that prize and we don't have much interest in meat goats - that left dairy.  We decided on a Nubian because they are beautiful and have great personalities.  I have found a top notch breeder and we hope to buy an adult doe this fall and breed her or buy a baby in the spring.  Emma only has three years left of 4H and I am willing to invest in something of higher quality for her to put her time in to.  Then she says she wants her fourth animal to be a dairy COW.  I do love dairy cows, but I'm not sure that is in the budget this year.  Maybe I can talk her into something else, like a Pygmy wether baby.  No one can resist an adorable baby Pygmy goat.

Emma:       1. Bo - senior Pygmy wether
            2. Fall baby - junior Pygmy doe
            3. Spring baby - junior Pygmy wether  or maybe the    Nubians baby
            4.  Adult doe - senior Nubian doe

Keep in mind that Emma's mother (Jenni) does her indoor projects with her.  With my little Miss Lily I run the show and it was a ton of pressure.  I wish that Jenni had been in charge of Lily's indoor projects too!  We did get all her projects done but it was too many.  We agreed that four indoor projects was a good number.  She thinks she wants to do sewing, woodworking, recycling, and cakes.  I might let her squeeze in one other easy one because I can't stop myself.  For her animals she is showing her rotten little baby goat, Marshmallow, who will be in her awkward yearling show year next year.  She will also be returning to the ring with her adorable little lamb Annabelle.  Now for new animals - I traded one of our senior does for a fall pygmy baby doe.  That one will be for Lily.  Then we will get Lily another lamb to show next year.

Lily:   1. MF - yearling pygmy doe
        2.  Spring baby pygmy doe
        3.  Annabelle as a yearling sheep
        4.  Spring lamb

I used to sponsor a dear friend named Shealynn in 4H, last year things fell apart for that.  She is the same age as Emma and I love her like a niece.  But next year I am going to make sure that kid has some animals to show.  She loves LaMancha goats (the kind with no ears).  I found a breeder and I am going to get her a wether baby this spring.  I am giving her that goat as her own and I will work with it to make sure it is at least partially trained for when she comes up for the summer.  I really want to buy a second lamb this spring, so I am hoping to talk Shealynn into showing it for me.  That kid has a really strong work ethic so I don't think leading a perfectly trained lamb into the ring for me is going to bother her at all.   


        1. LaMancha junior wether                
        2. Spring lamb


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