Thursday, July 18, 2013

::fair 2013::

 Here we are trying to get our projects in to be judged. 
The stroller had to carry the glass table.
Indoor projects are scored like this -
Blue = you did the project as it was supposed to be done
Red = you were close
Yellow = you were not very close
participation = you sucked, but try again

If you get a blue you can advance from there
You can get Honor Group = you did the project better than it required
Champion = you were the best in your age group
Grand Champion = you were the best in all the project

 Lily got a blue and honor group on her modeling of her skirt.
All that acting paid off.

 Blue on her skirt construction.

Blue and Honor Group on her collections project.

AND!!!  She got picked to go to State Fair

Her lady bug got Blue

And she loved doing it.
Woodworking got a blue.  

Her recycling project got a blue
And her Dad made her a stand for it.  

Electrical got a blue.

My Emma got blues for both her pictures and Honor Group for her color picture.

Then she got a blue and honor group on her glass table.
She got Blue - Honor Group - Champion - GRAND CHAMPION on her pickled pineapple.
She did all her indoor projects with her Mother and they did a wonderful job. 

 Then it was animal time.
Emma showed for her first year in Senior Showmanship.
That girl fought hard and she was pulled out of about 30 for the top five.  That judged worked them over, the class was 35 mins long, but she held on hard.  I was so proud of her for being in the top five.  It's kind of hard for a 5ft 10in girl to do showmanship on a pygmy but she made it look good. 

Then my Lily went in for showmanship and she choked.  She walked in with 25 other kids and lost her focus.  She struggled.  But she is just a little baby beginner and she learned a lot - and showed when she went in the next day for sheep.

Look at that face!!!  
She busted her little tush.  
She brought the heat.  
And she made the first cut down to 10 in her first showmanship class, and that thing was packed.  
She didn't make top five, but I was thrilled with her focus. 

Then it was time for her lamb to be judged...

It really doesn't matter that it was out of two.  
Let's skip that part.
Let's just focus on that happy face.
She loves showing sheep and I can't wait to get a few more.
Princess Annabelle was very popular at the show.
Everyone in the sheep club was so nice to us.  
The next day was Pygmy time!
Emma won Junior Wether with her little guy.

Meanwhile across the fair Lily got disqualified for a too heavy rabbit.
She shrugged  and said - can we go back to the goat barn?
We are done with that project.  
It's not for us.

So we did.
And she rocked it out with her little doe.
Second place and then Reserve Junior Pygmy Doe.
Very nice.
Emma's little doe got fourth - which was just fine.
Then the Beast Bo went in and cleaned up.
He won his wether class.
Then went back and won Grand Champion Pygmy Wether!
We have been trying for years to get that illusive prize.
We had to go in at the very end of the show against the Grand Champion Boer Goat and the Grand Champion Dairy Goat for Supreme Champion.
We didn't win but it was still a wonderful experience.  
I hope we make it back soon. 

 Last of all was the Poultry Show.
All you do to show waterfowl is put them in their cage and keep them alive all week till they are judged.
They judge them in their cage.
And those babies showed them how pretty they are.
The male got blue-honor group- champion medium duck - grand champion waterfowl.
The female got blue-honor group-reserve champion medium duck - reserve grand champion waterfowl.
Basically - they were the two best ducks at fair.
Who knew?
I just thought they were pretty to watch play in their kiddie pool.

The males have a curly tail feather and are brighter green

This was our best fair ever.  How are we ever going to top it?

Don't worry - I already have some ideas :)


  1. Impressive! Bravo!! They are VERY pretty ducks :)

  2. Wow oh wow ho W O W !!!!!!! Girlfriend I don't know how you do it all!?! CONGRATULATIONS to ALL! Such beautiful girls AND projects! My kids looked at it all and were so impressed. Next year we'll join 4-h although I'm intimidated as I only know Pony Club... We sold last years kids with a promise we'd "make more" so that I can try milking again. Now I'm back to craving a pygmy and some ducks! I'm really, really trying to simplify but you always tempt me here with your pretty parenting projects. Wish you were closer and could coach us!
    ;-P Shame on you ;-) xoxo



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