Thursday, July 11, 2013

::mid season garden 2013::

 My Cottage Garden a few weeks ago...

My Cottage Garden today.
It is going CRAZY!  
I don't want to jinx things but this has been our best year of weather since I have been gardening.  
Perfect rain amounts with just the right amount of sun.
Then a few not raining but cloudy cooler days - perfect for weeding.  

The lavender is having a wonderful year.
But the parsley I planted snuggled up next to it has a serious lavender taste to it.
Whoops.  Lesson learned.  
You can see that I weed matted my tomatoes this year.  The amount of weeding that has cut out of my life is wonderful.  

I have two 4ft/4ft boxes that I am using to rotate cilantro through.  
We eat a large amount of cilantro and I have never grown enough.
This year I split the two boxes into four triangles and am rotatating planting through them.
The side with flowers is the section that I am letting go to seed so I can harvest seeds for next year.
The little guys are the newest cilantro babies coming in.  
I have had five planting this year already.  

 A baby bush watermelon coming on strong.

Look at all those green tomatoes waiting to turn red.
Stop waiting - TURN RED already.  

What in the world am I going to do with all that eggplant?  
Get ready work - these puppies are coming your way.  

Early Orchard Garden

Early Orchard Garden

The Orchard Garden doesn't want to be left out.  
It look pretty too.  
I usually don't weed it - it gets treated with a sink or swim vibe.
But this year I started weeding it one day and couldn't stop.
After four weeks and over six hours of very disjointed weeding - it is finally done.
Just in time to start over... which is not going to happen.  
If it can't make it from here it's just not meant to be.   

 Look at it going crazy!
All that broccoli is starting to fill my freezer.
The six tomatoes are strong and full of fruit.
Those green beans are on a six foot brace and they are way over and beyond it.

Then look at that melon patch behind the beans!  
Just the melons take up a space that is about 55ft by 18ft.  
I am really hoping for a ridiculous amount of melons. 

 Walmart had blue berry bushes on clearance.  
I bought them out and started a second row.  
Good thing the hay that got ruined in the flood is still laying around - perfect mulch. 

 The sukkah is still begging for some attention but that is coming.
The gardens are so pretty all together.  
I love how this place is starting to really come together. 

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