Tuesday, July 9, 2013

::save the blues::

Look at all those flipping berries!!
It was about two year ago that we planted our first blue berry bush, but we haven't had many to eat yet.  Finally - good weather, tons of grass mulch, and luck have given us a decent crop.  Which just makes me want more.  I think our farm birds have their eye on them too.  I am not going to net the plants, it defeats the concept of a friendly funny farm with short people picking food and eating it.  But I needed to do something.  

On one of our little farm walks I came up with an option. 
We put a few old T posts in the ground, grabbed the ribbon tote, and went crazy.  .  

 And it is actually working!
The wind moves the ribbons around and the birds stay away.
It looks so pretty in motion all day.
It helps reinforce to my neighbors that I am a crazy hippy.   
The short people have easy access to blue heaven.

1 comment:

  1. Very impressive! And much prettier than your average scarecrow :) Scare Streamers - quite original!



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