Friday, January 25, 2013

::Q and M birthday party::

My friends at work keep asking me what crazy over the top things I have going for the boys birthday parties this year.  Answer is - nothing.

My brother inlaw and sister inlaw just adopted a new little guys.  Caleb is his name.  He is sweet and kind and I want to eat him up.  His birthday is February 10th.  Max is January 31st and Quinny is February 3rd.  Max is going to a preschool that is in a neighboring community to the one we actually live in.  None of the kids in his c

lass will be going to school with him next year when he starts his real preschool year at the same school as Lily.  

When Lily was little I would have her huge crazy parties and invite all my friends and family.  All MY friends and family.  Not hers.  She was a little kid.  She didn't really have any friends yet.  She and Emma where the only the kids in our entire family.  It was a grown up festival.  That doesn't mean I didn't have fun, but its just not how we live now.  The boys are not going to care.  Max had a big party last year that was almost completely snowed out.  He didn't care.  He still had a blast.  But its not happening this year.  

The three boys are having one party.  Just family.  Peaceful and most likely full of dollar store fun.  And that is great.  I am getting cakes made for the boys.  Each one will have a different Minion cake from Despicable Me.  It's going to be so cute.  Presents and joy and dirty boys.  

Then next year we can get crazy with an over the top Matchbox party.  Already planning it.  Its over the top - and hopefully it will have all the kids from his preschool class.  


  1. When my boys had birthdays really close together I was originally very adamant that I would not make them share parties. I quickly gave up on that--As in the very first year. We still celebrate their real birthdays with family so they get their special day to themselves, but I big party with lots of friends might as well be joint and save some money. I am thinking of doing something much smaller next year. Wish me luck. Some years need to be chill so you don't set the bar too high. Then the big things are more special when they happen.

  2. None of my kids have birthdays close together and there are no cousins but over time we have sort of alternated one year we celebrate with family the next year we have a party. We never set out for that....just kinda evolved that way. I love the intimacy of the family celebration....I quietly dread the kid party hoopla

  3. Great idea this year! I'm sure it will be super {even if it's not over the top}!



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