Wednesday, January 2, 2013

::homesteading this year::


That means it time to start gardening/homesteading. 

At least planning it.

I always go over board.

Big time.

For reals.

And I will this year too.

So there.

And I can't wait.

Now - what is on the agenda.  (In addition to the usual planting and such)

Homestead goals for 2013

 March -
     1.  Build hoop house in the orchard garden  
     2.  Large raised strawberry bed in orchard garden ready to go
     3.  Make a garden "road" sign"
     4.  Chicken tractor to move and till up planting beds

     1.  New boy goat pasture around the pond
     2.  Try out a potato box
     3.  Fix up the front beds - primarily edible
     4.  Fix up the dog houses

     1.  Build kids bean tepee 
     2.  Plant three new apple trees, raspberries, and table grapes
     3.  Add drip irrigation to cottage garden
     4.  Add more roses to side of house 
     5.  Make old tank into fairy garden

     1.  Finish the sukkah - I lost my mojo for it last year, this year it needs to find its glory.
     2.  Find a good pumpkin patch spot
     3.  Find a hammock spot
     4.  Fix up the out house

That's a good start.  

All photos are pinned on my pintrest pages.  


  1. I am soosoosoooooooo going to steal your greenbean tepee idea for the kids! They will love it. We just planted our first orange tree yesterday. Maybe this weekend we can start the greenbean teepee...we live in Florida so gardening is a year round adventure.

  2. I sooo admire you and all your projects! And I'm sooooo exhausted by them! How do you do it??? My visits here always make me want to go DO something creative! Mostly I try to keep up with what's in front of me and tackle an impromptu project IF my energy OR the hubs is in the (rare) mood to help. Both of us get overwhelmed by our to-do lists so that works best(?).... I can't wait to check in throughout the year and see all you create. Good luck and warmest wishes for a very very Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

  3. I love your ambitions...I need some of that! My garden tanked last year!



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