Thursday, March 1, 2012

::tomato goals::

Again - another situation were 19 year old me would pimp slap 29+ (++++) year old me.  A post about tomatoes?  You're lame.  Shut up 19 year old me.  You sucked.

Now to the topic at hand.  Tomatoes.  Gorgeous luscious shiny stunning juicy tomatoes.  I feel like an area I need to grow in (pun intended) is learning about being a tomato wizard.  I want bigger better earlier tomatoes.  I have six plants planned in the cottage garden this year.  I want to put some cherry tomatoes right by the main door so we can just eat them as we walk in and out.  Then in the back I have a 32 by 3 foot bed ready for 10 more tomatoes 

Things that will be the same on all tomatoes:
Planted on their sides 
Soil prepped with compost and fertilizer
Homemade tall cages
Black weed mat
Soaker hose for water
Early clear plastic plant covers

Things I want to experiment with:
Use a red tomato tray
Wrap the bottom part of the cage with black roofing fabric

Types that I want to grow:
     Black Krim
     Black Krim
     Black Krim - can you tell we LOVED Black Krim last year
     A random type
     Mr Stripey
     Something early - like 4th of July

     Cherry tomato - Sweet 100 in a pot
     Another early tomato in a pot, near the door - bring in when ever too cold

     Ten randomly picked tomatoes based on interest and fun
             Pick a few roma types

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  1. Oh Max - you ARE special! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics you chose!



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