Monday, March 12, 2012

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This is not my first rodeo, but baby stuff is always evolving.  I try hard to stay out of it.  It's best for the impulse shopper in me to avoid Babies R Us.  It's amazing what you can live without if you don't know any better. But some baby products are so good they can not be ignored.  I have found three that I am in love with.
This is not a new thing on the baby scene, but I was always intimidated by it and didn't use it with my other kids.  I thought it looked too complex.  But one of my friends had her baby comfy tucked into one, and let me investigate.  I knew this would be a perfect way to hold the new baby all the time and still keep up with the house and other shorties.  I started playing around with the wrap the day after we brought Quinn home.  It was perfect for cooking dinner, while doing spelling words, and stopping Max from burning the joint down.  Then a last minute trip to join Josh in Florida had me flying solo with a one month old.  He spent almost the entire flight and weekend in his Moby wrap, and he loved it.  He was all perfectly nestled in it.  I love multi tasking and anything that lets me bond with the baby and still stay connected to the other kids is perfect.  This was a little bit of a splurge at $45, but well worth it.  I will use this thing to take Quinn to his kindergarten class - ok, too far. 

GREATEST THING EVER!!!  Quinn got a cold with in five days of coming home.  Darn school age kids and all their germs.  A baby with a stuffy nose is a miserable thing.  I was teasing with another NICU nurse that I wanted some wall suctions to clear him out.  She told me about this Snot Sucker device.  I told her I was willing to try anything.  Less than $20 latter and I was in business.  This thing works wonderful.  It looks bizarre and it freaks people out when ever I use it but it is pure genius.  You put one end on the babies nares and the other end you suck out the snot.  Sounds gross, right?  It has a filter on it and long tubing so the secretions don't get in your mouth.  Promise.  I wish I had this with Max and Lily.  If you invite me to your baby shower you are getting one of these.  Mock it if you want, but at 3AM with a stuffy nosed baby you will use it. 

Quinn all wrapped up
Blankets are blankets.  Cheap is good.  Usually all true.  But these little luxuries are wonderful.  They are super thin muslim with just a tick of stretch to it.  You can wrap the baby up really snug and keep them very comfy.  Quinn sleeps in one every night.  I keep one in my diaper bag at all times because they are pretty big, just right for covering up while breast feeding.  They are light weight so the baby doesn't cook in them or under them while your breast feeding.  They are lovely too, which is always nice.  I took care of a wonderful set of triplets whose mama turned me on to these blankets, even gave me a pack as a baby present.  (Love my Maurer triplets.)  These things are wonder.  They wash great and just get softer and softer.  A set of three costs about $45.  Pricey for blankets, but one set of three is plenty for one baby. 



  1. We love you too. We have 18 of them here... The kids love them still.... Even after being swaddled in them until they could barely breathe! Lol we need to get together soon! Love u guys!

  2. I give a Moby wrap to anyone who invites me to their baby shower.....They are great for hiking, zoo trips (in lieu of a stroller) because they keep little one up high to see all the animals, and day to day living. I never use a stroller, swing, or any of that other waste of money crap ....just a moby.

  3. I love that picture of you with Quinn in his wrap! You look beautiful :)

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