Tuesday, February 28, 2012

::sukkah planting guide::

It's time to get organized to finish the sukkah - all the way.  

Here and here are some links to previous posts about the sukkah.  

I think the flooring is our first step.  Josh and I have looked at lots of options.  Its not a perfectly level area and we want it to be easy to moving dining chairs on.  That led us to cement.  Stone would be stunning but we are doing this ourselves and making stone level would be just too big of a pain in the neck.  Josh can do the cement work and I am ready to learn how to stain and seal it.   

We also need to get started on the table top.  It has to seat at least 6 people, but 8 would be better.  The stump in the middle of the sukkah is going to act as the center pedestal.  It needs to be sturdy but removable in the winter.  The engineering of this is all in Josh's corner.  I am just a decoration.  He will pick the material and I am willing to just play along.      
Round 64-76"
Square 60-72"

We need eight chairs.  They need to be comfy but no cushions.  The dogs will make the cushions into stinky beds in two days.  Color would be ideal, but cost is obviously a factor.  
Ikea currently has two possible options, but I am still hunting.

Reidar at $50 each

Urban at $40 each

Then it comes time for all the fun planting!  
Here is what I have in mind~
Weed kill two foot wide perimeter 
Hand pull grass around corner grapes
Let sit for two weeks
Add one bag of peat moss to each side and till in
Top dress with 1/2 bag more of peat moss on each side
Recycle cardboard boxes and use as weed mat
Line outer boarder of beds with rocks or bricks
Cut holes in boxes and plant 
Thickly mulch
Add drip irrigation lines

After that is all done then I will work on the lighting and the little decor things that I am sure pintrest will inspire me with.  Things like a fairy house hidden near by or other sweet whimsical stuff.     

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