Friday, February 3, 2012


~This is just the right choices for me.  We are all free to do what we find to be best for our family.  Please do what ever is right for your family.~ 
~This post should go up as I am driving to the hospital to have this newest little Mr Quinn.~

Why I choose to get induced -
     Because the risk factors related to a large for gestational age baby are not worth it to me and the placenta is not really designed to do much work after 41-42 weeks.  Waiting beyond that is not a risk that I am willing to take.  And my crazy body makes no progress - ever.  With Max I was 41 weeks, dilated to ZERO and barely effaced.  That kid was not coming on his own any time soon.  I got induced TWICE with him.  Once at 40 weeks and failed, then again at 41 weeks.  He was 9lbs 6oz.  Even if my placenta could have supported him longer, my body could have never delivered him if he had been much bigger.  Since I have had three vaginal deliveries, and my last living child was large, my OB recommended we go to 39 weeks this time.  Fine with me.  I normally wouldn't get behind an induction that was not at least 40 weeks plus, but with my history it made sense this time.  
Please link here to read more about issues related to large babies. 

Why I choose to give birth in a hospital -
  Because I believe in modern medicine.  It might be more comfortable for me to give birth at my house, but not for my baby.  My baby has to be born down the hall from a NICU and right next to a surgical suite.  Pioneers died giving birth because they didn't have the wonderful modern care that I do.  If my placenta abrupts suddenly, the only chance my baby has is to be torn out as fast as possible.  I don't care one bit about what is more calming and peaceful for me - I only care about what is the best out come for Quinn.  Giving birth at home is not even an option to me because I want Quinn to have the best care possible in case of an emergency.    

Why I choose to get an epidural -
     With my two previous living children I had epidurals.  With the baby we lost I did not.  I had the equivalent of a D and C with no meds on board.  I have met pain.  I can take it.  But why would I want to?  Who knows how long I will be in pain with Quinn?  Why not get some rest while I labor down.  They turn my epidural off when it is time to push.  It still hurts, but I have the energy to push when I need it.  That works very well for me.  If you can do it without it, good for you.  But we both got a baby out of the deal right?  There are some thoughts that epidurals slow down labor, but that has not been an issue for me.   

Why I pick who I do to be in the room -
     I have had Josh, my mother, and my mother in law in the past.  They are so wonderful and supportive.  I hope I am building karma that Lily will let me be in her deliveries.  This time I am letting my Hannah be in the room too.  We have been friends since we were little.  She has had two c-sections and is done with that part of her life.  She asked me if she could be there.  I had to think about this.  It seemed weird at first, but then it seemed like a great idea.  She is like a sister to me and I love her support.

Why did you guys make the birth choices you did?   


  1. Because it brought me peace :)

  2. I am just like you. I just don't go into labor. With my first one my placenta started to fail and I had to have a c section at 40 weeks. The only reason they found out about the placenta was because I felt that my doctor and midwife were wrong about the baby's head being down. I demanded an ultrasound and they found that not only were the placenta failing, but the baby was sitting very nicely with her butt in the birth channel. She tricked four doctors and three midwifes. With my second they wouldn't induce me and I had to have another c section at 39 weeks.

  3. Hi there, I know this post was a few months ago but I am new to your blog (via tip junkie's party posts).
    I had my second bubba two weeks ago. We had an elective c-section two years ago with my first, as she was breech the whole time, and ended up having the cord around her neck three times. She was fine, but she was never gonna turn. I was so glad we made the decision for a c-section.
    With our second, we wanted a vaginal birth as we would like more kids and I didn't like the thought of all that recovery time again. We don't have extended family nearby, so I didn't have that support to rely on.
    As it happened, our bubba decided to come totally on her own. my waters broke at 1am, then we went to the hospital at 3.45am, and the bub arrived at 5.30am! we were very happy, for my first labour. :) I only had the gas, as again I didn't like the recovery from the drugs last time. In the end, there wouldn't have been time anyway.
    She came pretty much on her due date. Our ob wouldn't induce me either, so if she was late we were going to book in for another c-cection 7 days after her EDD. I didn't want to be induced, so we were happy with that.
    One of our other birth choices was for me and bubs to stay in the hospital until they kicked us out. We were private patients (in Australia) so we stayed 4 nights. I have friends who went to public hospitals/birthing units, and left after a few hours. Not for me, thanks. I pay good money for health insurance, so I figure that I should get lots out of it when in hospital, as should my bubba.



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