Tuesday, February 21, 2012

::Lily busts her head open::

Lily was spinning in her socks singing and dancing.  I was just about to tell her to knock it off because she was going too far when she crashed to the ground.  She turned to me and half her tooth was gone and her lip was bleeding. 
I am used to knowing what to do.  I am very comfy with that status.  But I had NO idea what to do about her tooth and I just about lost it.  Ok - I did panic.  I called her dentist but he didn't call me back.  I called the emergency dental place.  I looked online.  Josh had to talk me off the ceiling.  I was freaking.  But the good news was that it was not hurting her.  That is what clarifies breaking a tooth as an emergency or not. This happened on Saturday night. 

Monday, I dropped Max off with my friend Hannah and took Lily to the dentist.  An hour and a half latter and that kid had a new tooth.  No pain.  She skipped into the dentist and skipped out.  That kid loves going to the dentist and she still does.  They just build in the tooth that was lost and as an adult she can get it capped if she wants. 

Right before we walked in the dentist. 
Latter that same day. 

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