Tuesday, February 7, 2012

::quinn - birth story::

My body thinks that getting started with labor is lame.  It likes to be pregnant forever - I think I would still be pregnant with Max if I hadn't got induced.  My OB booked my induction appointment months ago.  February 3rd, arrive at the hospital at 5am.  That felt like 200 years away the whole time.  But then, all the sudden it was time.  My mother was a good sport and came down the night before to stay with the kids since I didn't want to drag them with us to the hospital super early. 

We slept so fitfully the night before that when we both woke up at 3am for the 10th time we decided to go ahead and get ready to go.  We took our time getting ready, but still were the first induction of the day to arrive on the unit.  We were all smiles, but we were both very nervous.

They got my IV on the second stick and got me started on a low dose on pitocin.  I was still dilated to next to nothing.  At 7am my night shift nurse left and in came my day shift nurse.  This is a big time nervous moment for me.  I felt that I would deliver on her shift and I was really afraid of getting someone who wasn't going to be a good match with me.  In walks Lana - with a glow around her.  I knew in one minute that she was going to be perfect with us.  A great combination of high skill and not easily frazzled.  Perfect.  Big sigh.

My OB is important to me.  Essential to me.  She led me through being a first time mom with Lily.  She saved me from major damage with huge Max.  She cared for me and protected me with all the darkness last year.  Josh and I think she walks on water.  If she told me to only use my left eye for the last trimester I would go out and buy a patch.  I adore her.  I blindly believe in her.  Her name is Dr Raney the Great.

Dr Raney arrived at 8am.  I was barely dilated to one, even after being on pitocin for two hours.  Dr Raney had to lay me flat, do a rain dance, and push really hard on one spot - but she managed to get enough of an angle to break my water.  Not an easy feat with my super cervix.  My fluid level was on the low end of normal this time, so it didn't flood like with my others.  Through out all this my nurse was turning up my pitocin as quickly as possible.  My body started getting with the program once my water was broke and the pitocin levels got high enough.  I still was not dilating, but I was having pretty good contractions.

Around 9am Lily's school called to ask me were the hell she was.  Whoops.  I had forgotten to call her in.  They were pretty annoyed with me till I explained why she was not coming.

I just sat there laboring away and hoping I was making some progress.  I was getting lots of text messaged from the family so I knew that every one was getting ready to arrive.  I wasn't having terrible pain but I really wanted to get my epidural on board before it got bad.  I went ahead and asked to get in line for mine to be placed.  It didn't take long at all, and after some initial poking I was all set.  I had the best epidural.  I could move my legs and position myself, but I had ZERO pain.  The epidural was a low dose that was continuous all day - it worked perfectly. 

By 11am every one was at the hospital and we were all waiting together.  My Hannah camped at my bedside all day.  I kicked her out around 1pm for her to eat but otherwise she never left my side.  Lily laid in my bed and watched TV with me.  Max was very happy to use the iPad all day.  The family was in and out all day.  We all had lots of pleasant conversations and my pain was at a zero all day.  Every time my nurse checked me I was slowly increasing but nothing much.  However my whole family knows that I usually go from 5 to 10 in about the blink of an eye.

My nurse came in around 1:30pm and checked me.  I was a five.  She looked at me and said, "Your getting ready to make your move.  I better go eat real quick."  I made everybody leave to go get lunch. because I knew my nurse was right.  I was starting to have lots of pressure and my contractions were getting much more intense.  

My nurse hurried to lunch and came back and checked me again.  All my cheer group was back by then too.  She said, "Guess what you are?"  I said, "Eight".  She said, "Guess higher.  You're a ten.  Lets get Dr Raney here and get this done."  It was 2:30 by that point.  

Dr Raney walked in the door at 3:10.  She was smiling ear to ear.  Josh had been after me this whole pregnancy that he wanted to catch the baby.  He claims that he got to catch one of the other kids and he really wanted to get this one.  What he means by that is that Dr Raney delivered the baby, passed it to him, and he put the baby on my chest.  I asked Dr Raney if he could catch this time.  To her that meant deliver the baby.  Next thing I know she is putting him in sterile gloves and telling him how to grab the head and pull the shoulders and all kinds of other things.  He and I were both so stunned and excited we went with it.  

Once Hannah and the nursing student each had a leg we started pushing.  I did one set of three and then waited for the next contraction.  Repeated that routine.  Then on the third set and second push out came that perfect little head.  Dr. Raney told me to stop pushing and she talked Josh through getting that kid the rest of the way out.  Josh delivered the baby.  Seriously.  We did a video from my shoulder area and in it you can just see how nervous Josh is but so brave.  What an amazing experience.  You can hear me laughing, I was amazed to see Josh delivering that kid.  It all happened so fast, but it was a memory that I am never going to forget.  

Quinn started crying before he was even all the way out.  Birth time was 3:22pm. 7lb 12 oz and 20 inches long.  That rainbow baby was handed to me by Josh and went right to my chest.  They let me hold him for a good ten minutes or so.  Josh and I could not stop smiling and crying.  Quinn pinked up right away and was just the picture of a perfect transition.  I kept bugging him to keep him crying so he would clear his lungs - I am a NICU nurse after all.  I can't help myself.  

They took him over to the warmer and got him all cleaned up.  My mom went and got Lily, as I had promised her.  By 3:58 that kid was already latched on and eating away.  He made it look easy.  They took him back to the warmer and gave him a bath, which Lily helped with.  I was happy to stuff my face with some room service.  Shortly after my nurse had me up and moving around, and I felt great.  Never a moment of agony in the whole thing.  They took me up to post partum by 6:30pm.  I sent Josh out with his brothers to eat and bring me back food.  As the rest of family trickled out I was so happy to get to hold that baby skin to skin.  There is just no better snuggle than a newborn baby.  Emma stayed with me till Josh got back.  It was very sweet.  

My nurse talked me into sending him to the nursery from 1am-5am.  I really didn't want to.  In the past I have sent my kids to the nursery no problem, but this little man was just too long anticipated to let go.  I am glad I did it because the next morning was busy.  We knew that we wanted to leave as early as possible, and the hospital supported us.  By 10am our little guy was circumcised and I had been cleared with the OB.  We left the hospital at 11am, went and picked up our other kids from Grammy and made it home my 12:30.  

It was wonderful to be in our own house.  

And here I am.  Sparkling away.  Josh is home for the whole week so I have not felt over whelmed.  I am lost in this baby.  This long dreamed of baby.  


 Dear Quinn,
I wanted you so very much.  I loved you before I was even sure I would get you.  You were destined to be mine.  I begged your dad to have a very painful and expensive surgery to get you.  I lost my way and carried a broken heart after the baby died last year.  I mentally struggled with severe fear and anxiety through out your pregnancy.  The week before you were born I was a pure nut case.  But your delivery was my best one.  So magical and easy.  Your Daddy was the first person to ever touch you and my heart sang when he handed you to me.  You hit your mama's reset button.  I feel like my little family is so complete.  I am so happy and I can't wait to see what happens now.  
Love - Mommy           


  1. Just wonderful. I know just how you feel and it is so great to share that with you! xoxo

  2. Oh sweet Lord I love you. I can't wait to see you & meet your new son. I love the picture of josh kissing you. I kind of have a thing for kissing pictures...idk why. But I can see your love in that picture & it gives me goose bumps. I love you.

  3. How sweet and beautiful! I'm so happy for you! Quinn is gorgeous and so is his Mama.

  4. Congratulations!! Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing.

  5. Congrats! I have been following your story since I lost my own baby in August. Your strength and courage inspired as I was dealing with my own pain of the loss of my daughter at 16 weeks. Thanks you so much for sharing your life with us.

  6. Welcome baby Quinn! Brooke I am so happy your birth experience was everything you wanted and hoped for. (sure you don't wanna try for just one more little girl...or boy?)

  7. Aah I'm just living vicariously through you :)

  8. Oh Brooke how wonderful! Congratulations!!!! Quinn looks well worth the wait - he's adorable!!!! I've been away from blogland forever and then *dreamed about you* last night. (That has never happened to me before!) Wishing you all restful nights and happy days together!



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