Sunday, July 30, 2017

::fourth week in july::

We are about to turn the corner towards the down hill slide here at the Funny Farm.  

Yellow paint went up in a few rooms.

The shower seat went in.  Its perfect in every way.

Lily's room got primed and trim got painted.  

Lily's room with the finished walls. 

The beams for the front porch are sitting their ready to go in.

The board and batten siding is going up.  

Max's bedroom and our front door with no hallway paint.  

The gas tank got moved out of the backyard.  

Front hallway got the first two coats of blue up

More of the blue hall

The siding keeps going on, and the front porch permanent beams got added.  Love that storm rolling in.  

Cutout next to Lily's bed is getting framed in.

Cooktop hood got framed in.

Side porch is mostly done.

Flooring is starting to go in.

Flooring in the kitchen and into the mud room.

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