Saturday, July 1, 2017

::last week in June::

I’ve set my goal to blog weekly on our house until we move in.  The momentum is really rolling fast now and I want to do a better job of journaling it all so I can remember again. 

On Monday they put on ¾ of the roof while a separate crew started the frame for the front porch.

I found a random corn plant growing in the cracks of the drive way. 

They started replacing the rotten wood on the soffit trim. 

Some vented soffits started getting installed. 

Tuesday the rest of the roof got done with the roof for the porch also being installed.

There are new temporary steps on the back door and I just think they are so cute. 

The soffits got more work. 

Some windows started getting trimmed. 

The inside of the front porch got closed in all the way after shortening some of the ceiling logs from the original old house. 

I saved the old piece of log from the dumpster.  It still had its square hand forged nails. 

Pantry and second master bedroom windows got altered and added last minute by us and they arrived and got installed. 

Dry wall started going up on the ceiling of the living room dining room. 

Lily’s bed nook and desk area got drywall

We have one barred rock chicken that the crew named Blanche that insists on being in the house with them all day.  She nests under the stored insulation in the boys bathtub.  Quinn found three eggs there.  That chicken is so crazy friendly. 

Thursday our house got the old cement stoop and path torn up to prep for the small side porch that is going in Friday. 

Master bathroom got lots of drywall

Walls in the living room started getting drywall

Vaulted ceiling in the kitchen also got some drywall


The side porch started going up and it is so cute.

I got to be there several times during the day so I saw the porch coming along.

Drywall continues.

The chicken continues to try and live in the house.

The vault in the kitchen finished up drywall.  

The kids each wrote their name on the inside of the studs in their room.  I love this little house.   I can't wait to move in.  

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