Sunday, March 30, 2014

::mini road trip - fainting goat::

We have three 4H project goats to pick up in the next several weeks. 
I decided that since it is no fun to sit in the car for half a day with all the kiddos we would make it into an adventure.
We love road trips, so we started calling these our "mini road trips".  I get on trip advisor and make a rough plan about where the goat is and what we could find to do along the way.  Just a few minutes to investigate. 
Our fainter goat was the first to be picked up and she was near Seymour, IN. 
We found a tiny diner that was packed with a very local Sunday crowd. 
Max had them all eating out of his hand with his cuteness. 
And then we arrived to get our little girl, Ariel. 
She is really the cutest little fainter in the land. 
She is first fainting goat for us and I have to say that I just really like her. 
Look at the awesome set up she had for her goaties. 

And look at all the colors!
I could not get over how cute they are. 
I may need 10.

Then we loaded our little baby girl into her dog crate and headed out.
Lily took my camera and took this picture of Max. 
And this one of Q. 
The kids where a little disappointed that the local Seymour bakery was closed. 
So I found a historic Ice Cream shop for the way home. 
I was located in Columbus, IN. 

And these kids LOVED it. 
The staff was so sweet and told us to check out the free indoor park across the street. 
Then we left the ice cream shop and headed across the street.
And there we found an amazing indoor free park. 
These kids could not have had more fun than they did. 
They ran around and got all that ice cream energy out. 
Then we headed home to get our little baby tucked in.
Such a pretty little girl.  She is fitting right in. 

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