Sunday, March 9, 2014

::personal remodel week two::

Money Progress-
We are do for another money talk.  I am not able to get any over time at work right now.  
The biggest problem I am running into with the budget is that we make enough money to make our end meet, but not enough money for the extra's category.  Things like vacations and hobbies.  Those things have to be covered by overtime, so I hope things pick up soon at work.  It will.  
We did our taxes.  It was ugly.  Every dollar that I had put aside to put into our Christmas fund is going to have to go to the IRS.  I am going to change my deductions at work so I don't have to pay next year, but meanwhile this year my Christmas fund is also going to have to be covered via over time.  

Weight Progress -
Still Qdoba free.  It's a good habit to break. 
I have started counting calories on my phone with an app called Fitness Pal.  It's pretty easy to use. 
I am considering adding a meal replacement shake for the next month or so to just help myself jump start my weight loss.  More to come on that.  
I am not doing so hot with the elliptical.  No good excuses on that.  Time to get back to it.   

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