Thursday, October 31, 2013

::disney tips for our 2013 trip::

We just got back from a luscious Disney trip that was everything a Disney trip should be.  
Magical -
Delightful -
Delicious -
Expensive -
But Worth It -

Here are some new tips that I have:

They have recently opened a quick service (fast food for non-Disney people) stand outside of Yak and Yeti in Animal Kingdom.  The food is AWESOME!!!  Go for it.  Eat yourself stuffed.  The portions are large and the quality is high.  Even Max ate it and that kid doesn't eat.  Think of it an Pan Asian and then just enjoy it.  Yak and Yeti is one of our favorite restaurants but it was out of budget this time, the quick service option beat the hell out of a hotdog.  

This one hurts me... Don't rent a stroller from Disney.  The Disney strollers suck - I said it - something negative about Disney.  Don't kick me out of the Disney lovers club!!!!  The ones they rent are expensive and uncomfortable for the littles.  There are several different companies that are offering a newish service - you rent a stroller from them and they deliver it to your Orlando area hotel.  Disney seems to kind of encourage this because they let you use this service at their hotels and they are notoriously not play friendly kind of guys.  Think of Mac and PC.  Mac doesn't want you to play with PC because they are just better, right?  Agreed.  Mac and Disney are generally just better, but not at strollers.  We used a company called Kingdom Strollers - the stroller was half the cost of the Disney strollers, it was clean and functioned well, they had it delivered right when I wanted it and picked it up right when I wanted them to.  Two thumbs WAY up.  They have a great website with more details.  
(Why not take your own?  For us that has not been the right option.  Space is always limited and the only time I need a double stroller is at Disney.  We always rent.)   

You can not park near the Magic Kingdom.  You have to park at the Transportation Center and take the monorail (fun) or the ferry (less fun).  If it is crowded - take the ferry.  You don't have to break down your stroller on the ferry, so the kids can continue to fight/sleep as usual with out hitting you in the face.  There is almost never a line so less waiting means more fun time.  My kids liked the ferry.  Me too.  Of coarse I love the Monorail - but the ferry is a loveable second.

Our best picture ever - pretending to be bored

Don't let the people at the rides give you an shit about Baby Swap.  I explain what Baby Swap is in on old post - link here.  They must get lots of people who take advantage of it.  Don't care!  It's important for families that have age gaps or some kids that are kind of wimpy (you know who you are) to use Baby Swap.  If they give you any crap throw it right back.  They can't tell you no.  IT IS DISNEY!!  Some rides wanted to actually visualize the baby to give it to us, some rides could care less.  In all my years I have only been told no once (at Rockin Roller Coaster).  I waited five mins and asked a different guy who handed it over with a smile.  

The single rider line is an awesome way for a thrill hungry teen to get some serious ride time in.  If you don't care about breaking up your group go for it.  That isn't reasonable with some of my littles, but for Josh and Emma to sneak off and use it would work great.  

The best bathroom in the entire Magic Kingdom is in the Tangled area.  It's so pretty and huge!  Fantasy land has needed more bathrooms for awhile and they went big.  Its so pretty right there.  Tons of seating outside to have lunch and hug clean fun bathrooms.  Rapunzel's tower is in the background.  You may laugh at my "favorite bathroom" recommendation but you will be wishing that it wasn't creepy to take pictures inside a bathroom once you see it.  

Fantasy land has grown and grown.  We loved Gaston's Tavern.  They have a new trick called LaFou's Brew.  It was the tastiest thing I have ever drank.  A shot of rum would have made it perfect.  It is a non-alcoholic drink that is hard to describe - part apple cider part pineapple.  Just try it.  You will be in love.  We splurged on the reusable cups.  Pricey but fun.  You don't have to buy anything to go in a sit in Gaston's chair and take some pictures.  

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