Tuesday, October 15, 2013

::summer 2014 - part one::

I didn't get to blog this summer like I really wanted.
No real excuse - just..
Four kids
Full time job
Huge garden
Five goats
Two sheep
Three duck
Five chickens
Three dogs
And on and on.  

But I still wanted to post some of the glory of this magical summer.  

In no particular order...

 Tree trimming goat

 Back garden cover crop

Sword and tractor.
All boy.

Copy cat.

 Maybe our burn pile got a little XL.

 Lily golfing with Josh.

 Barn rainbow.

 By Emma.  My favorite picture.  

 Max and Daddy.

Q and Emma

 Q spent the whole summer obsessed with sinks.  

 Frog study.

 Lettuce must be planted in a pattern.

 Date night.

 Hamster that got out and is long gone. 

 Found this shell in our yard.

 4H project done. 

 Spa day.

 Emma with a permit. 

 Best $10 yard sale bike ever. 

 Random mailbox. 

 Baby with beans. 

 Sheep love candy.

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