Tuesday, October 8, 2013

::harvesting cilantro seeds:

We eat an incredible amount of cilantro.  
I try hard to grow enough to meet our needs because store bought cilantro is dull in its flavor.
I am a cilantro snob.
And tomato.
And watermelon.
And broccoli.
And apple.

Ok - I am a big veggie snob.  
Let's get back to cilantro.  We love it.  
This year I had about 32 square feet devoted to staggered cilantro crops.  
Every 2-3 weeks I would plant a new round so that the one going bad could be relieved.
But as the season draws to an end I had a lot of old cilantro that is bolting.  
Big fat seeds are forming.
I bought about 30 seed packs of cilantro last year...
Let harvest that stuff!

I let it get good and old in the garden.
Then I set it on an old screen (one of the handiest tools in gardening) and let it dry for two more weeks.
On a good dry day I took it out side and just started pulling the seeds off.  
They came off easy.  You could just shake the stems and the seeds would fall right off. 

They went into canning jars and I hope they will be ready for next year! 

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  1. Yum, cilantro! I planted more than I needed this year but was able to harvest a lot of seeds that I look forward to planting next year.



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