Sunday, October 20, 2013

::summer 2014 - part two::

 Emma much taller than me.  

 Grape arbor. 

 Ted the man still standing.  Age 23+

 Bean fence.


 Dog and roses.

 First harvest.

 Blanching broccoli.

 My favorite 4H girls.

 Photo by Emma. 

 Another Emma pictures.

 A wonderful mothers day present. 

 Can it up.

 Art projects.

 A wild visitor.

 Max's fortune after he cut his hair. 

 Ice cream done right.

 How Max sleeps. 

 I need some art over this dresser.
I like this masterpiece the best.

First attempt at tomato sauce. 

 Garden fresh beef stew.

 Q left a light saber in my bed.

 Some one obessed with water. 

 Nothing is so good as a peach fresh from the tree and warm from the sun.

 My gnome was murdered.

 Mocking starbucks selfies.

 New bottle baby goat.

Max earned his first book it reward.  He was thrilled to buy his very own pizza.

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