Monday, April 29, 2013


 I grew up in a house were when something broke you called some one to fix it, or took it to a shop to be fixed, or you bought a new one.  Then I started dating this very handsome airline mechanic.  He came over to my house and asked me why I was throwing away a perfectly good hose.  Well - because it had a hole in it.  I ran it over with the lawn mower.  Who knew you couldn't mow over a hose?  I didn't.  He made this adorable expression that he still makes at times - he smiles, he looks down, he shakes his head.  Some times he holds his forehead if it is particularly crazy.   It's like I am cute to him in spite of himself.  Like it is out of his control to not think my quirks are cute.  He fixed that hose.  Patched it right up.  And I was in total awe.  I was so impressed.  How did he know you could do that?   Who taught him?  Was it worth it?  Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  He fixed the hose.  And I still get that feeling.  Often.  When ever I think I might know what he can and can't fix he does something crazy.  Something that gets a major WOW out of me and he acts a little embarrassed and a little pleased with my reaction.  You fixed the cable to work in the barn?  Wow.  You put in a pot belly stove? Wow.  You built a chicken coop? Wow.  You redid the brakes in my car?  Seriously?  How can he know how to do that?  I go right back to that feeling from when he fixed that hose. 

Tilling my garden - I can't turn on the tractor
Making a shooting target and is seriously fun
Helping me make balloon paint
Keeping our "vintage" boat running

Replacing a leaky barn faucet

Creating HUGE fires

Sukkah building

Coop making

Mouse welding

Stump cutting

Garden building

Farm truck fixes

Pot belly stove

Baby making

Break fixing

Something he had to be in the crawlspace for

Wood pile making

Zip line installation.

Total amazement.   

Happy birthday.  I love your face.  

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  1. Oh I love this! That's exactly how I feel about Matt. Seriously-how do they know how to fix anything and everything? We are lucky girls :) Happy Birthday to your hubby!



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