Monday, April 8, 2013

::quinny the delish::

What is up with the crazy smashed smile?  It makes my heart sing.  

Quishy had his first dentist appointment.  They had no fix for his "rotated tooth G" or his snaggle tooth as we call it.  Its crooked.  Not just a little.  It adds charm. 

Good thing he brushes his teeth for an hour if you let him.  

Q understand lots of words but says very little - minus grunts. 

He is a beast.  Very tall for his age.  Such a relief.  
But he loves going outside so much we have to use the dead bolt to keep him in.

Quinn vs. Baby Max picture
I have to do it.  They just look so alike to me.
Don't you love Q's Harry Potter Scar?
It's already gone. 

 Here he is signing "more".  In super high speed, thumb to opposite palm, with a grunt.  

He loves water and he even climbed into the dogs heated water bucket as fast as he could.  

 And I still give him his much loved bottle a few times a day.  And I really don't care if I am not supposed too.  He loves it.  He is growing like a beast.  No problem.  

Oh - this rainbow baby.  I just adore his little face.   

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