Saturday, April 13, 2013

::spoiled baby goat::

Maybe our hearts are a bit too fragile for birthing farm animals.
We had a terrible breeding year.  
Six babies born to three does.  
Four babies never even took a breath - even with CPR.
One lived for about one hour.
One doe died.
Only one little baby lived.
Marshmallow Fluff.

And she is beyond spoiled.
Her feet hardly touched the ground for the first 24 hours of life.
She imprinted on us.  
She loves us.  

When you open the door of the house she starts screaming for you to come let her out and let her in the house.

She follows us all around.  

Even Q.

She did love her Mama, but she would rather be in the house.

Even with this kind of torture.  

But she also loves the horses.
Thank the lord they have gentle hearts.  
Teddy is very careful around her.  

This is her favorite game - indoor goat races. 

Look at her...
So cute.
So spoiled.
You never saw a baby goat get such attention. 
We just weaned her last week.
We sold her mama.
She hardly called for her.  
I really think she is not certain about what kind of animal she is.  

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