Saturday, April 6, 2013

::another broken buggy::

Lily has had the nickname "Buggy" since she was about two.  And my little Buggy has managed to break her arm.  She fell off the monkey bars at school.  On Friday.  No obvious deformity and she was moving her fingers fine.  It was swollen and painful at times with certain types of movement.  I thought it was a sprain.  I finally gave up and took her to get an Xray on Wednesday.  Broke on Friday - took to Dr on Wednesday.  Oh dear me.  I think Child Protective Services will be showing up on my door step.  The docs said that it was a "good break".  Mild and healing well already.  No surgery and an easy casting.  She is splinted for one week and then she gets her hard cast next week.  Poor little Buggy. 

But she feels like a baby to me again.  I have to wash her hair.  I have to help her dress.  Its like having my little Buggy that used to nap nose to nose with me.  It warms my heart.  This mama is a sucker for that little chocolate eyed girl. 
I am so glad to have this picture

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