Thursday, May 9, 2013

::Lily is a Silly Girl::

Lily’s drama group did Beauty and the Beast this year.  Buggy got the role of a Silly Girl (the girls that love Gaston) and a narrator.  At first she was a little disappointed about her part, she felt it was smaller than last year.  It actually ended up being a very big roll.  She had tons of stage time and many lines.  She looked so pretty in her costume.  The roll had lots of comedy in it and I loved her delivery.  She really is talented at this stuff.

Advice 1 – I love that she loves doing drama.  The group she is in is very chaotic.  It all seems to come together at the end but it is out of control the entire time.  Lily is prone to disorganization anyway.  I am not sure this group teaches her anything about the importance of being organized.  But I am over organized and lack the ability to let chaos sort itself out.  Is this ok for Lily?

Advice 2 – I do not feel like in the last year they have taught her anything more about acting.  She is at the same level she was at last year.  But the point is to have fun right?  Just being around the process will teach her about acting right?  The most important part is that she loves it, right?

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