Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I like poultry.

Whaaaaaat?  I said it. 

18 years old Brooke would have a different tune to sing, "I hate chickens so much I could kill one with my bare hands and eat it."  

I really said that.  And I didn't just hate chickens.  I hated birds too.   

Emma had a pet bird for three days before it bit me and wouldn't let go. I called the pet shop and told them it was going back to them or going to my dog.  They took it back.  Brown Dog was sad.  

Then we got a few random chicks on a spontaneous Tractor Supply run.  I liked their eggs, but I had no emotional attachment to them. 

  But them a big red chicken won my heart.  

  And now I am one of those weirdos that says stuff like, "My chicken has the best personality."  All those original chickens are fox food now days, except for Big Mama.  This year I had big poultry plans, lots of different breeds and variety.  But I found out that with my work schedule I can not get mail order chicks.  You don't now exactly what day they are coming.  Tractor Supply provided our new chickens.  Four reds and two bantams - I suspect one of the bantams of being a rooster.  I don't expect to fall in love with our new chickens.  They are just supposed to be working for a living - laying eggs and free ranging when the garden is out.  But this spring I was so scared of Big Mama getting eaten by a fox that she is locked up with the baby chicks.  She hates it.  She attempts to escape often.  I try to let her out for awhile every day so she can explore and snuggle the Brown Dog.  Yet she is SUPER mad about living with the babies.  Sorry Mama, I'll make you a run soon.  

Meanwhile I have another problem - the Cayuga Ducks.  They are lovely.  I said it.  It really is true.  They are lovely.  They hardly make any noise, they can't fly, and they waddle around like pretty little jewels.  I have always liked ducks - even when I hated other birds and chickens.  They are just so cute, and that green color makes them look noble.  They are still getting rid of their juvenile fuzz, almost gone, and all that luscious green is glowing.  The problem - they are really good parents and I want some more.   Like a flock.  I want babies and adults waddling around and quacking away at the world.  I have a pond that needs some ducks.   Now I need a long term duck pond plan.  Pintrest time!  See the Mallard Duck?  She hasn't figured out yet that she can fly away.  

Us chicken people get to talking to each other, and I have made nice friends with a lady at work that is ordering some more chicks.  She invited me to join her order, and she would pick them up at the post office.  Then I can just go pick them up from her on my first day off.  I was tempted to get about 30.  But I held myself together.  I got two blue silkies (FLUFFY) and two Marans (chocolate egg color).  They arrive in August.  Next year I might still add a few more to try and get some blue egg layers.  I hope to make a chicken tractor (a coop and run that you move around to let the chicken graze fresh ground) next year, but for now the girls are good in their converted horse stall.  

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  1. How Fun! I am Almost counting the days until We movr from small town to True country & can start Our own little flock! Until then. Living vicariously through your blog!



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