Sunday, March 11, 2018

::spring fever::

This winter was a busy one.  We worked on lots of stuff around this new place of ours.  I really got very absorbed in the fun of starting my Etsy shop and making Disney Ears.  I have a summer goal of participating in some art fairs in our area.  It's been growing for me get to make some art.  Selling it is not about the money, so much as sharing my art.  It has been so much fun.  I want to keep going with my ears business, but I want to get very focused on my farm spring/summer lists.   


-KICK ASS DECK - Josh has this planned out.  It is going to be amazing.  It should run the full length of the back of the house and have space for a hot tub, dining, and lounging.  It's really going to be a wonderful part of our lives.  We spray for mosquito's and it is just so pleasant here in the summer.  

-It's important to me to absorb myself in landscaping around our house this year.  I have LOTS of ideas, but the basic plan is that at least 75% of all our landscaping will be edible.  When I look at a food garden I think it is so beautiful and makes me so happy.  Why would I hide that prettiest part on my landscaping behind my house?  I want those gorgeous tomatoes in my front yard.  We will see how this all works out, but I envision this all coming together to be soothing.  It's going to be very detailed and I will post about it more later. 

Big Barn
Set up middle barn room into a tool room that is organized and under control.
Deep clean the party barn area.
Blow out the loft and let kids work with me on how to keep making it cool.

Metal Barn
Sunflower bed.  Staggered with different height plants.  Harvest seeds for chicken feed.  

Greenhouse and Shed
Clean out dog area
Start meal worm pins to feed the chickens and ducks.  

Lily's desk - Use our old metal cabinets cleaned and painted with a counter top to be her desk.  
Max desk - built into his closet with wall ladder to loft area.  
Boys bathroom mirror up.  
Master bedroom - headboard and wall art
Living room - new couch and chairs or love seat  


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