Monday, March 12, 2018

::Disney February 2018::

We have had several trips for Disney in the last few years.  I dropped the blog ball durning grad school but I am trying to get back on board.  Our most recent trip was wonderful.  We had such a good time.  We stayed in the Polynesian for the first time with the kids and they LOVED the pool.  We got two connecting studios.  It was tight quarters for us, but you can't beat the hotel.  It was on our Disney bucket list to stay at the Poly with the kids.  

New tips:
     Order groceries from Amazon pantry and have them delivered to the front desk.  
     The DVC events are amazing.  Midnight magic was a life event.  
     Rum matches Dole Whip, they are life partners.
     Quinn is the most water loving baby of all time.  
     Groot is the best character meet in forever.  
     Pandora is epic.  

Hidden mickey in Indy airport

Flying out

Arrival at Poly

Walking in MK

Dumbo - Quinn's favorite

Max's birthday night

Boy's waiting for the girls to wake up. 

Quinn learning to float

Hot tub at the main pool

Girls in the lobby.  

Ears so big they block Daddy's face.

Dole whip all day.

My prettiest girls.  

Everyone in one people mover car.

Lily had to carry all 60lbs of Q off the bus. 

Sun spot.

Best deserts ever.

Pandora treats.

Pandora is amazing.  Our first time to see it.  

They carefully adopted their banshee's.

Front row walk on first ride of Navi River Journey.

Early Epcot morning.  

Journey wall.  

We spent some time at the DVC lounge.  

Boys in the pool and rum in the dole whip.  

Girls got an early morning to themselves.  

Over to Wilderness Lodge to tour the new DVC rooms.  

We LOVED meeting Groot.  

Max's motto.  

Meeting Chewy was amazing.  

Q loved the cookie palette.  

Q is Freda.  

Quinn.  That is all.   

Love this pool. 

Quinny in the murphy bed.  

Moonlight magic was bucket list worthy.  

Lily's first time on the Space Mountain was VIP only.  

Waiting with their banhees for suitcases.  

I love this picture.  
I have seen it posted by other people and I was so excited to get the chance to take it and have my little Lily with me.   

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