Wednesday, March 14, 2018

::Max - age 10::

Oh this boy.  He is my heart.  He calms me. 

This little man lives in his very own world.  He is so imaginative and kind.  He makes the world a better place by being here.  

He loves shows.  It helps his ADD brain get calm.  I think we let him watch too much TV but it really helps him be able to chill. 

He loves all creatures.  He is particuarly a dog person.  He talks to them all the time and comes up with the cutest stuff.  

I may be slightly biased but I think he is one of the best looking people to ever walk the earth.  Considering that Josh and I neither have blue eyes or curly hair - this kid got all the recessive DNA that we have to offer.   Including being a carrier for galactosemia, which we didn't even know ran in our family till Max failed his newborn screen.  

This kids know how to be comfy.  He always sets up little nests.  Mostly in our pantry.  He eats in there and watches shows.  He has his own rules in regard to food.  He is allowed to eats whenever he wants and almost anything he wants.  Because he is so skinny we let him eat what ever he is willing to eat.  Now days he eats an entire large container of gold fish crackers every week dipped in ketchup.  HE would have basically starved to death by now if we didn't let him eat it.  

On his birthday is Disney this year he got a huge amount of balloons from a lifeguard and he was so excited.  

He wakes up smiling.  It is the most amazing thing.  

And he does is homework with his guinea pig to keep him company.  

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