Monday, March 12, 2018

::Quinn age 6::

Oh this little rainbow baby is six years old. 

This little boy is AMAZING at seeing the truth and letting you know it.  It's imperfect to try and give an example but - I was having a rough day.  I couldn't get it together.  I was yelling and short tempered.  I was barking orders and all the kids are running around trying to do everything perfect and humor their grumpy mom.  Quinn turns and says, "When you yell at us you make us sad.   We hate when you are grumpy."  Yes - exactly.  They all want to say stuff like that but he just does.  All you can do is realize the kid speaks hard truths and improve yourself.  He keeps me in line. 

He is the PERFECTLY behaved child at school.  Follows all the rules and matches along like a little soldier.  He never gets in trouble and actually seems to thrive on the structure of it all. 

He is the most snugly child we have ever had.  He will sit in your lap and next with you for as long as you will let him.  He LOVES when he can curly up next to you and fall asleep.  He sweats like crazy when he sleeps, so your arm will be soaking wet if he falls asleep on you. 

He LOVES food.  LOVES.  He would eat all day every day if we let him.  That kid can eat in an amazing fashion.  We are working hard about making healthy choices but that kid would down an entire container of sour cream if we let him. 

He loves to be with Josh and I.  He wants to cook with me.  He wants to fix cars with Josh.  He wants to mow the yard.   He wants to do everything the adults are doing.  I feel like he is most like Josh.  He has a heart for engines and how things work.  He is going to be the most amazing adult. 

This kid is crazy about animals.  He always has a creature in his arms.  He asks to pet every single dog in the park.  He is constantly holding chickens and ducks.  He just loves creatures. 

Five Quinn words:

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