Wednesday, August 23, 2017


After moving in our house we have been smelling a skunk in our barn, near where we all spend the most time.  
So we set a trap and caught him.  
We kindly relocated him a few miles away.  
Next day I see another skunk, walking around like it owns the world.
Being way to close to people and in daylight.  
I made the wrong choice and had Josh shoot it as a "nuisance animal".
Something we have done with raccoons that were eating chickens.  
Well - guess what?  
They had babies!!!  And I am the biggest jerk alive.  
I feel terrible.  
So we very carefully caught them in live traps to rehab them.  
When we transferred them to a larger cage from the traps they squeezed right between the bars.  
Let me say - I have not been letting the children or myself handle them.  
I don't want to tame them because they are wild animals not pets.  
Their are three total, but the wildest one happened to prove to us that she had her skin oil already and got Quinn on the arm while we were trying to get them situated.  
He loved it - I smear that kid in the next Crocodile Hunter.  

I did get to just quickly hold them and can you tell I was a little excited.  They might be the cutest animals alive.  

A terrible picture but we had to go quickly - we let Q touch them just once through the bars of the first cage right before they Squeezed through.  

Right now they are sitting in a dog crate with lots of hay and plenty of food and water.  
We want to get them hooked up with a rehab but can't find one near us.  
My plan right now is to feed and water them till they are old enough to relocated or get them into a rehab.  
Side note - these guys are not pets and we are not planning on keeping them.  But since we made them orphans I am going to do everything I can to help them be successful adults.  If I can just keep Q from trying to snuggle them all day every day.  

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